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Cosmetic tattoo removal is part of our premium service offering. Cosmetic tattoo removal includes any permanent or semi permanent makeup on areas such as Eyebrows and Lips and even metal stains from jewellery or iron injections.

Due to the molecular makeup of the inks used in the application of permanent makeups, it is essential that a very high quality device, and method is used on these inks. We guarantee Australia’s fastest, safest and most effective removal using our revolutionary Quanta Discovery Pico Plus, the worlds newest generation of Tattoo Removal Technology.

With treatments starting from $90 we encourage you to send through an enquiry to see Chloe, our team specialist in Cosmetic Tattoo Removal. Chloe has years of experience and special training in the removal of cosmetic tattoos and is one of the few people in Australia competent in dealing with them safely and effectively.

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