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At Think Again Laser Clinic we are results driven, which is why we have chosen to use a Quanta Systems laser for our treatments. This world’s best high performing and superior laser manufactured by Quanta System from Milan, Italy and has been developed to treat and remove all tattoo colours using just one device and represents the real benchmark for the Q-switch laser market.

Delivering powerful, extremely short laser pulses of nanosecond speed guarantees the procedure to directly target the ink particles in a short and safe procedure. The squared Opti-Beam handpieces ensure the laser energy is perfectly distributed over the spot area and delivering the energy consistently preventing any excessive overlap pulses. Other laser machines may use a round spot that will cause “hot points” that can produce bleeding, skin texture changes and hypo-pigmentation. Our laser also has a flat top beam profile which penetrates the skin evenly. Other lasers are likely to have a spiked beam profile which will cause a higher risk of burning, blistering and hyperpigmentation.

Our laser is the gold standard for MULTICOLOR tattoo removal – 1 System- 2 Lasers- 3 Wavelengths (Nd:YAG 1064nm – 532nm & Ruby 694nm). The ONLY true three wavelength Q-switched system in the world! A true 694 wavelength will prove to be much more effective in removing green and blue ink however it is possible a clinic maybe be using a replica which generates this wavelength by bending the light and will not achieve the same result. If your tattoo is multi coloured it is important to understand and ensure the laser has the correct and true wavelengths.

Q-Plus C® represents a cutting edge Q-Switch Laser which generates all of its three laser wave-lengths directly inside the one device without the need for conversion of the wavelengths by the hand-pieces. Our machines effectiveness is unmatched as we can target the entire colour spectrum of tattoos unlike many competitors.

Think Again Laser Clinic has your comfort at the forefront and have invested in a dedicated cooling system designed to ensure pain is minimised during and after treatment. The machine may be used before, during and after each laser procedure without interfering with the laser beam. The cooling system can reach minus 40making It much more effective in comparison with other common cooling methods and in turn aiming to reduce the risk of thermal injury.
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We are exclusively focused on laser tattoo removal and are equipped with the most advanced technology in the tattoo removal industry in Australia. We offer complete removal of all colours; not just fading of the tattoo. We provide a free consultation where we will evaluate your unwanted tattoo and guide you through the process and expected outcome; so come pass our Rozelle clinic today!

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Tattoo Removal Process

We pride ourselves on having the most advanced Q-switched laser available in Australia. Our Quanta Systems laser will easily remove multi-coloured tattoos including the usually difficult red, orange and pink ink as well as single colour tattoos safely and effectively. Extremely short nanosecond bursts of light energy penetrate the skin through the tattoo ink pigment leaving surrounding skin untouched.

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How does it work? Will my skin return to normal? How many treatments will I need? These are just a number of questions that may be running through your mind; we at Think Again Laser Clinic ensure that all parts of the procedure are explained in a away you understand. Have a read through our frequently asked questions or call us 1300 166 465 with all your laser tattoo removal questions!

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