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Tattoo Removal Treatment

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Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal enables photothermolysis of tattoo ink placed inside a dermal layer of our skin. Before advances in laser technology, tattoo removal included very destructive and non-selective techniques such as cryo-surgery, chemical destruction and others. Thankfully, we have Quanta Discovery laser system. Tattoos are basically balls of ink that are injected into the superficial layer of the skin. These balls of ink are then stored amongst immune cells in the second layer of the skin (the dermis) where they get stuck and are too large to be carried away. So, our Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser system produce extremely efficient photon beams with various wavelengths to target different coloured pigments. Extremely short picosecond bursts of light energy penetrate the skin through the tattoo ink pigment leaving surrounding skin untouched.

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Tattoo Removal Treatment Process



At Think Again Laser Clinic every treatment is adapted to the individual. The first step is Free Consultation in which we analyze Your Skin type and tattoo (size, location, colour and detail).



For best results avoiding sun exposure is imperative. Local anesthetic can be applied to avoid discomfort. Depending on the location of your tattoo, loose clothing is advised to avoid irritation.



We use most advanced picosecond laser system, Quanta Discovery Pico Plus which, utilizing photothermolysis, shatters the tattoo ink balls in the dermis skin layer, leaving the surrounding skin intact.



We treat the affected area with an ointment and cover it for protection. For maximum results avoid sun exposure, keep the area clean and dry.

Each laser tattoo removal treatment will continue to target the tattoo ink pigment, each time shattering into smaller microscopic pieces eventually dissipating and allowing no visible particles. Just like the sun is attracted to a black t-shirt yet its reflected by white one, the surrounding skin with no tattoo pigment will simply reflect the laser and remain unaffected. During laser treatment the tattoo will appear to have a white surface layer which is the first initial sign that the process is working. This is caused by the breaking down of tattoo pigment and the reaction to the laser, this colouring will subside within a couple of hours. Immediately after laser removal treatment the surrounding skin is likely to show a red discoloration and mild swelling. The feeling can be compared to mild sunburn where swelling and redness may last for one week. We will continue to cool the area at minus 40℃ using our optimised skin cooling machine. Operating latest laser pico technology, enable us to achieve faster and better results with minimal discomfort. However, our prices for complete tattoo removal are very affordable and tailored to suit your needs.

Prior to Our Treatment

It is important to keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight and ensure 30 SPF (or higher) sunscreen is used for four weeks up until treatment. Sun effected skin can result in additional discomfort and slow the healing process. Most importantly avoid any direct sunlight for at least 48 hours prior.

We also recommend that if you smoke to limit or cease smoking for up to four weeks prior to treatment. Smoking causes decreased flow of oxygen and can delay the healing process.
Topical anaesthetic or numbing creams can be used prior to treatment however it is important to apply to the area a minimum of 1 hour before hand to allow for the effect to take place.

Depending on where the tattoo is you wish to get removed, ensure loose fitting clothing is worn to avoid any rubbing or irritation after treatment.

Post Treatment

We will apply an aftercare cream to the area and the skin will be covered with a loose dressing. It is then up to you to manage the laser treated area and encourage the healing process through proper care. All clients will be sent a detailed aftercare instruction sheet, and we have a 24 hour line to contact us for advice on any post care related questions or concerns you may have. 

The following steps should be carefully executed:

  • Apply an antiseptic/antibacterial ointment to the treatment area and continue to do so 3 times a day
  • Keep the area covered with a new clean dressing for at least 2 – 3 days after to avoid infection. After this time, remove the dressing and allow the area to ‘breathe’ and assist in healing and scabbing. This is a normal part of the body’s recovery process.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure during the entire healing process and ensure spf 50+ sun cream is applied and/or clothing is covering the area (this includes tanning beds). Continue using sunscreen up until your next treatment.
  • Showering is acceptable after 24 hours, however it is advised that you avoid prolonged exposure to water and avoid excessive heat in the skin for 48 – 72hours post treatment. This includes direct water pressure from a shower, exercise, swimming pools, using a bath etc. Excess moisture will hinder the wound/scab from healing.
  • Avoid injury to the area
  • Avoid scratching, picking or touching the direct or surrounding area. Pain of itching can be eased by applying a vitamin E cream
  • Cold packs or a cool cloth may be applied if further discomfort persists. Be careful not to ice the area for too long as this may cause an ‘ice burn’.
  • Ensure a minimum of 6 weeks before your next tattoo removal treatment

We cannot treat you if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Using retinoids, Isotretinon (Roaccutane, Accutane, etc) –Must stop taking at least 6 months prior to treatment
  • Previous strong allergic reaction to the ink injection
  • Taking anticoagulants
  • Excessive skin bronzing/tanning
  • In a generally poor health condition
  • Wanting to treat an area that is in poor condition (abrasions, burnings etc)
  • Have an Autoimmune disease
  • Have an Coagulation disease

“Tattoo removal is a process that can change your life, if done properly. You owe it to yourself to give your skin the best opportunity at a fresh start. The team at Think Again Laser Clinic are experts in the field, it’s all we do.”

Mike Anderson, CEO

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