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Media Contributions

Think Again Laser Clinic are the nations thought leaders in the Tattoo Removal industry. Below you will find a number of our contributions across all major networks and formats. For all media inquiries, please send through the contact form with subject ‘Media’ or contact via phone and our team will be happy to contribute to your next article.

tattoo removal man lots of tattoos

Tatts on, tatts off: laser tattoo removal

More and more people are beginning to re-think their ink. Luckily, laser tattoo removal means tattoos no longer have to be forever. Whether it’s an ex-partners name, incorrect spelling or simply a change of heart, myriad reasons exist for wanting a tattoo gone. In fact, Chloe Karr, laser specialist and co-owner of Think Again Laser Clinic in…

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tattoos on hands and back of neck

Rethinking the ink? Removing a tattoo can really sting

It's estimated that up to a quarter of young adults in Australia have a tattoo. Of those, a quarter will at some stage want to have it undone, a Choice report estimates. Many are happy to remain inked, but others will go to great lengths to return their skin to its un-inked state. Monash University professor of…

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tattoo being applied

Do Tattoo Removal Regulations Exist?

Why do tattoo removal results look different on everyone? It comes down to the fact that the process is simply not regulated here in Australia. Many people are rethinking their ink, and are turning to laser tattoo removal for a permanent solution.A quick search on the internet will show just how readily available these cheaper…

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tattoo removal damaged skin

Plastic surgeons and tattoo removalists call for more regulation of the laser tattoo removal industry

JESSICA* was 19 years old when she got two black paw prints tattooed on her breasts. Now, at age 25, she has changed her mind and wants them removed. Earlier this year she visited a popular national laser clinic chain and was told that after 10 treatments, priced at $125 each, the removal would be…

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tattoo removal company owners


Why did you select the technology in your salon, over any other? It took me and my business partner over 12 months of careful research. It is not until you completely understand the process from a scientific perspective that you can make a decision on which machine is better suited. We carefully assessed the specifications…

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Mike anderson tattoo removal

NRL stars’ tattoos: Removal specialist reverses inkwork

SYDNEY’S leading tattoo removalist has revealed he has already been contacted by NRL players wanting to have inkings removed. Having already removed 4000 tattoos since opening you get tattoo removal results at Think Again Laser Clinic in Rozelle, 18 months ago, Mike Anderson said Reni Maitua’s neck tattoo removal would prompt other NRL players to…

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reni maitua getting his tattoo removal treatment

‘Think about the tattoos you are getting’: Former NRL star Reni Maitua says he can’t get a job because he is covered in ink – and warns players ‘rugby league doesn’t last forever’

A former NRL star has urged younger players to 'think before you ink' after getting turned down for several jobs because of his eye-catching tattoos. Reni Maitua said he got his large number of tattoos - which adorn his chest, arms, neck, and even a finger - during a time when he 'didn't really think about too…

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reni maitua tattoo removal

Reni Maitua regrets tattoos as getting a job proves hard for former NRL player

FORMER NRL star Reni Maitua has warned tattooed league players face a future of unemployment after revealing he cannot get a fulltime job ­because of his inkings. Maitua predicts some of the biggest names in rugby league could end up on welfare due to an NRL tattoo epidemic that has seen players such as Todd…

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