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At Sydney’s Think Again Laser Clinic, we are exclusively focused on tattoo laser removal equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry in the world, The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus. We offer complete removal of all colours of the spectrum; not just fading of the tattoo. You can get a completely free consultation where we will evaluate your unwanted tattoo and guide you through the laser removal process and expected outcome; so come past our Rozelle clinic today, its time to Think Again! We genuinely believe in the power of our technology and will guarantee you faster results.

The results achieved in our Sydney’s clinic are second to none, head over to our Laser Tattoo Removal ‘Results‘ section to see the complete tattoo removals in as few as three sessions.

Our business success is based on three principles which have lead us to become Australia’s most experienced and respected laser tattoo removal specialists, Results, Reputation, and Reality.

We use industry-leading technology, and experience gained over more than 6000 treatments, to get the results we are known for a day in and day out.

Specialising ONLY in using Laser Technology allows us to offer a service second to none and we invite you to join the family to see what all the fuss is about.

Our consultation is completely free and used to educate our clients on how the laser treatment process will be applied to get the absolute fastest, safest and most effective result for your particular tattoo. Every tattoo laser treatment and the process is an entirely individual case, and it is treating them like this which allows us to dominate the competition with our market-leading results.

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Laser treatment of tattoo disposal


We pride ourselves on having the most advanced system in the WORLD. Our Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Laser will easily remove multi-coloured tattoos including the usually tricky red, orange and yellow ink as well as single colour tattoos safely and effectively. Extremely short picosecond bursts of light energy penetrate the skin through the tattoo ink pigment leaving surrounding skin untouched. The laser passes beneath the dermis dispersing the ink molecules into smaller pieces that are then absorbed and removed naturally by the body.

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is the world’s most powerful Pico second device. This laser is the newest in the second generation of Pico lasers. Using this device, we GUARANTEE Australia’s fastest, safest, and most effective tattoo removal process. The science behind this system doesn’t lie. We Guarantee to beat the results of the Picoway, Picosure, Quanta Q plus C and Enlighten systems to name a few.

If you want to start over, look no further than the number one rated clinic in Australia, Think Again Laser Clinic.

Pico Lasers at Think Again Laser Clinic


At Think Again we offer you the world’s most advanced Second generation Pico-second technology. The award winning Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is GUARANTEED to offer faster results than any other laser system, on earth.  Our high performing Italian made Quanta Systems Laser can directly target and remove all colours tattoos in one treatment session, with the dedicated Ruby laser able to directly target and remove blue and green ink. In conjunction with our Quanta Laser, we utilize the Koolio system, which produces a stream of chilled air at -40 degrees Celsius and is used before, during and after each laser treatment, providing you the latest in pain reduction technology.

frequently asked questions


  • What is the cost of laser tattoo removal? Our price starts at $90 and increases with the size and detail of the tattoo. We do not categorise all of our clients into a few vague size brackets, rather once in the clinic, we customise a price based on your individual tattoo. Refer to our pricing page for more details.
  • Does tattoo removal hurt? Laser tattoo removal typically does involve some level of pain. That said, many of our patients say that it hurts much less than they expected. Having the latest cooling technology also presents great advantage. It ensures that the discomfort level is at the bare minimum during the tattoo removal process.
  • How long will it take to remove my tattoo? This question is very important, especially if you have big event coming up. Duration of tattoo removal may vary with each tattoo and it depends on several factors. The age of your tattoo, the colour and the amount of ink used, location on the body are some of them. We discuss all of this in detail with our clients before advancing with the procedure.
  • Will my tattoo be removed entirely? This is also depends on several factors but main fields to look for are: laser tattoo removal system the clinic is using (mainly power output), the experience of the clinician performing the tattoo removal procedure, and their previous results. Having vast experience in laser tattoo removal ourselves, we are able to provide custom laser removal services, whether its just fading, partial or complete removal of tattoos.
  • Will it leave a scar? Many patients are concerned about scarring from laser tattoo removal. In essence, if the tattoo already features scarring, expect that to remain. When the proper laser protocols and patient aftercare are utilized, it’s very uncommon for a patient to be left with a scar afterwards. However, what people usually don’t know is, any scarring that remains after a tattoo removal procedure is often left over from when the tattoo was originally applied. In our FREE consultation we examine your tattoo thoroughly and discuss with you in detail before we proceed with any tattoo laser removal.

These are just some questions that may be running through your mind; we at Think Again Laser Clinic provide a clear explanation of all parts of the procedure in a way you understand.

Tattoo removal is a process that if completed to a high standard can be much less daunting than people expect. Our hundreds of happy clients are a testament to this.

Specialising ONLY in Laser Tattoo Removal has allowed us to gain experience that is unrivaled and enable us to treat ANY tattoo with confidence that there is no better clinic in the country to safely and effectively remove your tattoo.

Have a read through our frequently asked questions, call us on 1300 1 NO INK or pop into our clinic. Our clinic operates Tuesday to Saturday. Appointments are preferred to ensure your specialist has adequate time to assess your tattoo and provide you with an outlook on how many sessions it is estimated to take.

Think Again Laser Clinic Case Studies

Here are two examples of results achieved in our Sydney based clinic, It is results like these that have seen Think Again become Sydney’s most trusted Tattoo Removal specialists

before and after results
emma simpson review tattoo removal
tattoo removal after five sessions
hazel cook review tattoo removal

What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear what NRL star Reni Maitua has to say about Think Again Laser Clinic

“Tattoo removal is a process that can change your life, if done properly. You owe it to yourself to give your skin the best opportunity at a fresh start. The team at Think Again Laser Clinic are experts in the field, it’s all we do.”

Mike Anderson, CEO

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