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About us at Think Again

At Sydney’s Think Again Laser Clinic, we are exclusively focused on laser tattoo removal and are equipped with the most advanced technology in the tattoo removal industry in Australia. We offer complete removal of all colours of the spectrum; not just fading of the tattoo. We provide a free consultation where we will evaluate your unwanted tattoo and guide you through the process and expected outcome; so come past our Rozelle clinic today, its time to Think Again! We truly believe in the power of our technology and will guarantee you faster results.

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Our Tattoo Removal Process

We pride ourselves on having the most advanced Q-switched laser available in Australia. Our Quanta Laser will easily remove multi-coloured tattoos including the usually difficult red, orange and yellow ink as well as single colour tattoos safely and effectively. Extremely short nanosecond bursts of light energy penetrate the skin through the tattoo ink pigment leaving surrounding skin untouched. The laser passes beneath the dermis where the ink molecules are shattered into smaller pieces that are then absorbed and removed naturally by the body.

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Our Advanced Technology

At Think Again we offer you the world’s most advanced Q-switched technology to remove your unwanted tattoos. Our high performing Italian made Quanta Systems Laser can directly target and remove all colours in one treatment session, with the dedicated Ruby laser able to directly target and remove blue and green ink. In conjunction with our Quanta Laser, we utalise the  Koolio system, which produces a stream of chilled air at -40 degrees Celsius and is used before, during and after each laser treatment, providing you the latest in pain reduction technology.

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How does it work? Will my skin return to normal? How many treatments will I need? What makes your laser the most effective on the market?  How can your laser completely remove tattoos when others can’t? These are just a number of questions that may be running through your mind; we at Think Again Laser Clinic ensure that all parts of the procedure are explained in a away you understand. Have a read through our frequently asked questions, call us on 1300 1 NO INK (1300 166 465) or pop in to our clinic at Suite 2, 190 Victoria Road, Rozelle, with all your laser tattoo removal questions!

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Quanta Q-Plus C Laser, light-years ahead of the rest

We are results driven which is why we have invested in the only tattoo laser technology in the world to provide a true three wavelength system. The Quanta which is manufactured in Milan, Italy will not only target black tattoos, but will also provide complete removal for multi-colored tattoos, even the usually tough greens by means of a dedicated Ruby Laser. With precision we can target partial areas of your tattoo, provide lightening for cover ups or complete removal, leaving your skin clear from any trace. We truly believe in the power of our technology and will guarantee you customised and faster results.

Enough from us, here is what some of our clients have to say

My bright red and black tattoo was something I grew out of over the years. After doing my research I’m all to glad I found the guys at Think Again Laser Clinic. Six treatments later and its gone! Thanks for the friendly service and most of all removing what was no longer me.
Having already had 3 unsuccessful treatments at another clinic and no visible change in my all blue tattoo, I was recommended to Sydney Tattoo Removal, Think Again. Two treatments in and already there is a massive change! Wasted time, money and pain by using an incapable laser machine. Wish I had of done my research from the start, knowing now the Quanta Ruby laser is the only one capable of removing blue! Can’t wait for the end result!
Beau A
Brilliant service and experience! Thanks for the great results, I strongly recommend these guys as the most advanced Laser Tattoo removal process in Sydney
Mark L

Think Again Laser Clinic – Recreate the skin you’re in.

We pride ourselves on being Sydney’s tattoo removal specialists and are committed to being the best at what we do. All of our experienced laser technicians are certified professionals who at consultation will guide you through the process and expected outcome. You can rely on us to provide the highest level of care as we are committed to providing a holistic, professional and quality service. Although not required in NSW, we are also laser safety certified under the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4173:2004, The guide to the safe use of lasers in health care.
We guarantee outstanding results using the world’s best laser technology assisted with our dedicated cooling system; providing you a safe, professional and quality service with visibly faster results.
As life changes pace, allow Think Again to recreate the skin you’re in.
We use the world’s best high performing Q-switched laser for tattoo removal, the Quanta Q-Plus C. Our powerful technology ensures unmatched results on the entire colour spectrum of tattoos.
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