Should I get a cover up or laser tattoo removal?


At Think Again Laser Clinic Sydney, we are regularly asked whether an unwanted tattoo is better off with a cover up, OR should it be treated for tattoo removal/lightening first?

All persons employed at Think Again Laser Clinic are tattoo enthusiasts who have tattoos and have also undergone laser tattoo removal themselves. There is no better expert opinion when it comes to many of the questions our clients have.

An important thing to remember when considering this question is that the only way to accurately cover a tattoo is to go over it with darker piece. In the case of small tattoos, the cover up will be much larger, in the case of large and dark tattoos the cover up will not only be much bigger, but also much darker than the original piece.

Cover up requiring darker ink to cover the existing
An unwanted tattoo prior to any tattoo removal will require a cover up using darker ink to cover the existing

Unfortunately not all ideas and designs will work, with cover-ups providing challenges and many limitations to recreate an art piece. We hear from people in the tattoo industry that designs are generally compromised due to the lack of available blank space and unwanted ink that needs to be accurately covered. Any portraits or colorful bright designs will almost always be impossible to execute especially when the new tattoo must be heavy in dark ink to provide a solid cover-up.


We have friends and clients who have delved into the world of cover-ups prior to receiving any laser tattoo removal, only to be disappointed. We hear they often compromise their original idea purely because it is not possible.  We have also seen a handful of ‘successful’ cover-ups which last for only a few weeks until the area is healed and their dreaded original tattoo begins to “shine” through! One of our current clients chose to cover up an Ex partners name, only to have it shine back through once the cover up naturally faded to its current state!


You do not need to completely remove a tattoo before you can cover it with a quality piece of art. At Think Again Laser Clinic Sydney, we can treat you as few as 1 or 2 times before providing a variety of options for your tattooist. By lightening to this degree, you are now able to present your tattoo artist with many more options, with far less limitations due to the lighter pigment of the ink. The lighter you get your ink through laser tattoo removal, the more options your artist has when covering up.


A larger tattoo prior to laser tattoo removal requires a much larger and darker cover up piece.
A larger tattoo prior to laser tattoo removal requires a much larger and darker cover up piece.

We are also aware of tattoo artists throughout Sydney who specialise in many differing styles of art; we are happy to refer you on to them after we lighten your tattoo to see what artwork they come up with to suit your individual needs. If you are not happy with the cover up options they give you, then you can have another treatment and head back in to see what new options they can offer.

In almost all cases, you are much better off lightening your current tattoo before covering up with new artwork (the exception being very small or very light tattoos). There are exceptional tattoo artists throughout Sydney who can definitely provide you with a new tattoo for you to love, but why limit your choice for design?

We have many clients who present with tattoos covered multiple times, fortunately with our leading edge technology we are still able to remove their tattoo, but it does mean that you will require more sessions.


Feel free to head to our Facebook, visit or contact 1300 166 465 to discuss the options for lightening your tattoo before covering up.  Check out our before and after shots to see just how light we can get your piece in just a couple of sessions.

We offer a free consultation process, which is obligation free so if you have been considering a cover up, schedule an appointment today.



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How many sessions of laser tattoo removal will I need?

At Think Again Laser Clinic Sydney we pride ourselves in providing realistic expectations for our clients.  We utilise the most advanced technology in the world for laser tattoo removal and our Italian made Quanta Q-Plus C Laser plays an essential part in the removal process. Without high quality technology such as the Quanta, not only will the process take far longer, it also poses the risk of damaging the skin.  If an inferior machine is used it is also likely visible ink will be left in the deeper layers of the dermis and due to lack of available power is then unable to be removed.


Always make your #1 question- What is the brand name of the laser you use? Make sure you do your research!


Unfortunately there are many machines on the market and that are being used all around the world that simply do not have the power capacity or necessary functioning to remove an entire tattoo. Replica lasers are being sold out of Korea and China for as little as $2000AUD while a good quality machine will cost in excess of $130k. These cheaper lasers may scrape the surface layer of the tattoo ink but will not have the energy to pass deeper through the skin to attract the remaining tattoo pigment.

The technology that is being used is certainly the most important factor to consider as to how quickly the tattoo can be removed.


Other factors that are essential in determining a time frame for removal include:

  • Black or coloured ink – Colour will generally require more treatments than black
  • Location on the body – The closer the tattoo is to your heart, the more blood flow, the quicker it will be to remove. Hands, lower legs and feet do require more treatments
  • Professional or Amateur tattoo
  • Quality, depth and amount of ink used
  • Age – The older the tattoo (5years + ) will require less treatments than newer tattoos
  • Multiple tattoo cover ups
  • Skin Tone- Clients with lighter skin will respond more efficiently than darker skin
  • Immune Response – Depends on how quickly or how slowly your body passes the shattered ink after each treatment
  • Scar Tissue- Clients who have been treated elsewhere and have been left with irreversible scar tissue over their tattoo which then acts as a barrier to the ink pigment
  • Post Treatment Care- Proper post treatment care will ensure the healing process is as efficient as it can be


A handful of our clients have come to us after being treated elsewhere and are upset that their expectations have not been met. Unfortunately many clients have a strict time frame they need the tattoo removed in, and have been let down by incapable clinicians who have not taken the above factors into consideration.


This heavy inked twice cover up tattoo will have a very different  removal timeline than a black mainly shaded tattoo.
This heavy inked twice cover up tattoo will have a very different removal timeline than a black mainly shaded tattoo.

We have found quite a few places guaranteeing complete removal in 5 or 6 treatments or the remaining will be free. With reference to the above factors, no two tattoos will have the same outcome, so you have to ask yourself how they could make this guarantee with so many contributing factors?


At Think Again Laser Clinic Sydney we provide our clients with clear expectations for their tattoo removal journey. Each and every tattoo will have an entirely different outcome and time line for removal, so at consultation we ensure the process is completely transparent.


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Your personality vs Your relationship with your tattoo


Has a change in personality affected your relationship with your tattoo?


We don’t always remove our tattoos because we may have to for work or due to the break up of a relationship. Sometimes we just, change.

Despite the fact that many people believe that they will be the same person today as they will be tomorrow many studies prove otherwise. It can be found that between the ages of 20 and 65 most individuals will go through major shifts in personality.

As defined by Wikipedia “Personality refers to the pattern of thoughts, feelings, social adjustments, and behaviours consistently exhibited over time that strongly influences one’s expectations, self-perceptions, values, and attitudes. It also predicts human reactions to other people, problems, and stress. There is still no universal consensus on the definition of “personality” in psychology”


Your personality is you and everything that makes you. You are constantly changing in relation to all your thoughts and experiences, so naturally some of us (myself included) will outgrow the tattoos we place on our bodies.


An article by TIME points out that in a survey of taken of 19000 people;

“The average 33-year-old surveyed expected less change over the next decade than the average 43-year-old reported actually had occurred over the past decade. As the paper says, “People, it seems, regard the present as a watershed moment at which they have finally become the person[s] they will be for the rest of their lives.” Although personality and values do tend to become more stable with age, people generally underestimate the extent of future personality shifts. The researchers call this phenomenon “the end of history illusion.”


From this it can be said that although we may be certain we know who we are in the present, this does not exempt us from change in the future. Change is inevitable.


Major events such as buying a house, child birth, marriage, divorce, and even minor events such as making new friends, changing jobs or a job promotion can affect the person we are and the person we become. Not everyone changes for the same reasons, but everyone changes.
For this reason, the skull and cross bones tattoo you got when you were 18 might now at the age of 35 not be exactly what you want to share your body with.

At Think Again Laser Clinic, we have clients from all walks of life, young and old male and female, tradesmen/women, chefs, lawyers and professionals.

Through our experience we have learnt that not everyone wants to completely rid themselves of their tattoo, they may wish to change or partially remove a small part, which no longer suits them. Others wish to only fade a tattoo so that it can provide a new canvas for a new piece of artwork that better represents their current self. We are equipped with the technology required to assist in all aspects of tattoo removal and use the worlds only all in one system for removing every colour of the spectrum, the Quanta Q-Plus C.


If you have outgrown your tattoo, there is no need to live with something on your body that no longer represents you. With our Italian made Quanta technology used in our clinic our clients are not limited in the removal process. We can remove as much or as little of your black or bright multi-coloured tattoo as you desire, both safely and effectively.

No matter what age you are, if you are unhappy with your tattoo, it is never too late to ‘recreate the skin you’re in’.



If you are no longer represented by the tattoo on your body, contact us now for your free consultation.


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