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Are you familiar with the 3R’s in Tattoo Removal? If not, you need to be.


Are you familiar with the 3R’s in Tattoo Removal? If not, you need to be.

RESULTS | REPUTATION | REALITY – Why these crucial elements will ensure your tattoo can be completely removed and your skin restored to it’s original state.

Having spent 3 years in the industry, Think Again Laser Clinic have established the 3 R’s as the most crucial elements for tattoo removal.


The single most important way to judge any tattoo removal clinic is their ‘Before and after’ RESULTS. Why? Because it is the only way a clinic can prove to any of their potential clients that they know how to achieve tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Results at Think Again Laser Clinic - Best tattoo removal sydney
Laser Tattoo Removal Results – 3 Treatments

Seeing multiple before and after photos will ensure:

  1. The clinic has been operating in the industry for two years +
  2. The specialists working at the clinic have the experience and capability to successfully gain these results for you
  3. They are confident in their clinic and proud of their results


Two things to note:

  1. Be aware that new clinics or clinics unable to achieve results for you, will be using their laser manufacturer photos. These are photos that are provided to a clinic from the manufacturer (Quanta, Cynosure, Candela etc) once they purchase a laser. Every single company has them and there are more clinics in Sydney using these photos and not using their own. If you come across these photos or are shown them you can guarantee they don’t meet the above standard. Our previous blog on ‘The Truth Behind Before and After Photos’ will show you what photos to look out for.


  1. Experience is key! Every single tattoo removal treatment will be different. For this reason, no one can simply ‘learn tattoo removal’. The specialist operating the laser is just as important as the laser itself. There is no course available to simply teach anyone how to successfully remove a tattoo. The more treatments the clinician has performed the better they will be and if they have successfully removed tattoos there will before and after photos to prove it. Ask for the specialist to show you photos they have individually achieved to be sure. You don’t get a second chance with removal- If you choose an in-experienced operator your results will be compromised.

There are a few clinics operating in Sydney who have been established for a number of years and still do not have their own before and after photos to show. To ensure you are in good hands you must see photos that the clinic has achieved themselves.



Reviews, testimonials, referrals and a strong media presence all contribute to the reputation of a clinic. This is built up over years of experience and the foundation of the business will be represented by the social view of the public.

Laser Tattoo Removal Results - 3 Treatments. Tattoo Removal Guarantee. Tattoo Removal Sydney. Tattoo Removal Review
Sydney’s Tattoo Removal Specialists – 5Star Google Reviews
Tattoo Removal Guarantee. Tattoo Removal Sydney. Tattoo Removal Review
Sydney’s Tattoo Removal Specialists – 5Star Facebook Reviews

Does your tattoo removal clinic have positive reviews? If they have reviews do they have before and after photos on their website to support them?

While an intangible concept, the reputation of a business is something that cannot be controlled, yet is vital to help make your decision of where to begin laser tattoo removal treatments.


At Think Again, we were asked by media outlet Today Tonight to share our view and provide a professional opinion on a case of laser tattoo removal gone wrong. The link can be found at the bottom of this blog.


Tattoo Removal Article- Sydneys best tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal Article- Sydneys best tattoo removal

We have also been interviewed by the Daily Telegraph to discuss the topic of tattoo removal and provide an insight into our client and NRL star Reni Maitua tattoo removal journey.


NRL Star Reni Maitua chooses Think Again Laser Clinic Sydney
NRL Star Reni Maitua chose Think Again Laser Clinic – Sydneys best tattoo removal

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary, a well-respected plastic surgery run by Dr Kumar also endorses Think Again as the number one choice for tattoo removal. Our reputation in the industry has allowed us to work with only the best in respecting industries.



Why is this important you ask? In an industry that is over crowded and under regulated it is crucial to completely understand the reality of laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal in New South Wales is highly under regulated, meaning there are no set rules to determine the standard of laser system that can be used, qualifications and experience of the operators. This is leading to unsatisfactory results, disappointed clients and in some cases scarring and damage to the skin that cannot be repaired.

The reality is while there are some clinics providing outstanding results, they are far and few between. Unfortunately this will end up being at the expense of each person paying for this service.

Not all Q-switch or Picosecond lasers can successfully remove a tattoo. Along with this, not all operators are experienced enough to safely and effectively remove a tattoo. We see many clinics around Sydney promoting themselves as the best clinic to go to, yet do not have ‘Results or Reputation’.

We also see clinics promoting treatment guarantees; promising removal in 5, 6, 7 or 8 treatments or it is free. The REALITY is- no one can predict the exact number of your removal. Every tattoo is different and the circumstances behind each tattoo will be different. For that reason to use a single number for every tattoo is a clear deception.


Have you been offered free tattoo removal treatments? The reality is, the clinic is likely to be new to the industry and lacking both results and reputation. They are after the most valuable asset in our industry – your before and after photos.


Before you commit to a free treatment – ask yourself is it worth getting treated by someone with little to no experience for the sake of saving some money?


Tattoo removal, when done correctly can leave the skin looking as it did the day before getting your tattoo. However it can go wrong. We see the results of dodgy tattoo removal treatments day in and day out at the clinic and enough is enough.


Having years of experience, thousands of treatments we welcome each client into the clinic to discuss our process and how successful your tattoo removal can be.


We have a portfolio of photos in the clinic to show you. In addition each of our laser tattoo removal specialists are undergoing tattoo removal themselves so we can assure you we trust in our process. The only way to truly understand how the process works is to be treated and go through it yourself. This is something we can offer that we guarantee is far and few between in our industry.


Laser Tattoo Removal Results at Think Again Laser Clinic - Best tattoo removal sydney
Laser Tattoo Removal Results – Tattoo Removal Guarantee. Tattoo Removal Sydney.


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Lets talk, what is the best laser for tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal in Sydney has seen an explosion in operators and clinics offering the service. With hundreds of different lasers on the market, a consumer is faced with the often daunting task of sifting through the often clever and in some cases even outright misleading marketing of various manufacturers of both Q-Switch and Pico second lasers.


As the market leaders in Tattoo Removal and Sydney’s most trusted tattoo removal clinic, you can be assured that Think Again Laser Clinic will always be equipped with the most effective, safe and PROVEN technology to remove your tattoos with the greatest chance of success and at the most affordable price. No need to conduct hours and hours of research, we will continue to search far and wide to ensure we remain the market leaders for Sydney Tattoo removal.

We have no commitment to ANY manufacturer, rather an absolute dedication to conduct due diligence and extensive research into each new technology that hits the market.

Laser Tattoo Removal Results at Think Again Laser Clinic - Best tattoo removal sydney

Every time a new laser hits the market our company are approached by the manufacturer in an attempt to see our clinic bring in their technology to our clinic. Some of the most recent people to have been in talks with us are Candella, Cutera and Quanta to name a few. Time and time again we ask the same questions,


  1. How much improvement on clearance rates does this system achieve?
  2. Can you support these claims with a minimum of 10 photographic examples showing results achieved in actual clinics


To date, no manufacturer has been able to provide us with ANY evidence that their system will beat the results we achieve day in and day out in the clinic.
Founder and director Mike, has recently been requested to give evidence as an expert witness and educator in an ongoing case between an Australian tattoo removal clinic and the laser manufacturer, Picosure (Cynosure). Unfortunately this particular clinic bought a PicoSure Laser, which failed to meet the claims and standards they were promised. Feeling mislead by many false promises, the clinic now realizes the claims are simply unachievable. For this reason the clinic in question has taken legal action against Cynosure in a case to be heard later this month.


Although it is important that a company does due diligence to ensure they purchase a safe and effective system, many of the companies do not completely understand what specifications are required. Many do not understand the key requirements to ensure effective tattoo removal; rather they listen to the promises of salesmen who will do anything to make a sale in a VERY competitive market.


This has seen MANY consumers left out of pocket and with a tattoo still on their bodies.
We will be following this case closely and reporting back the results as they become available.


So WHY with the release of so many new laser systems, particularly those in the ‘PICO’ range, are we yet to see any notable improvements in clearance rates?


Discovery Pico


Cutera Enlighten 3


All of these systems have made BIG promises, but we are yet to see any evidence in the form of before and after photos and actual testimonials. These systems have been operating in the market for 2 more years now so we must begin to question why no clinic operating these machines have before and after photos of their own. Remember, a before and after is useless unless it is one that a clinic has achieved in their clinic, not manufacturer photos. Believe us, we would love to upgrade to a system that improves the process for each of our clients (including our specialists who are also removing tattoos!)


Typically prices for treatments using these lasers cost double than the current industry standard system in use at Think Again Laser Clinic. So its time the question is asked, why are we still being marketed ‘faster removal’ with no evidence to support the claim?


So lets all look beyond the marketing and start to read into the three R’s: RESULTS, REPUTATION, REALITY.


Feel free to follow our company, with an assurance that we are always searching for new technology that will assist us in improving our leading results even further.

We guarantee that the day a system is released that is proven to be more effective for tattoo removal, you will see it in our clinic. Until then, head over to see our Before and After gallery to see the results you can achieve by partnering with Sydney’s best tattoo removal clinic, Think Again Laser Clinic.


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