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9 Feb

Sorry Girls (and guys)…. Size doesn’t matter

Sorry Girls (and guys)…. For Laser Tattoo Removal, size doesn’t matter. This one comes up a lot and is a common misconception. The size of your tattoo unfortunately wont make it any faster to remove. It is not uncommon for people to present to the clinic with a single dot if ink with the thought […]


13 Feb

What I have learned after more than 8500 Tattoo Removal Treatments- Mike Anderson

Think Again Laser Clinic specialises in the field of tattoo removal, it’s all we do. The aim when opening the business was to establish ourselves as the number one choice for Laser Tattoo Removal in Australia, by offering a safe and effective service, performed using the highest level of technology that is currently available to the […]


6 Dec

How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments will I Need?

There are a number of factors that influence how many tattoo removal treatments you will need, most of these are out of our control. At Think Again Laser Clinic, we never make promises that we can’t keep, however what we can promise is – that you will be treated with the most advanced technology and […]


2 Nov

What does tattoo ink contain?

I can almost guarantee that you have absolutely no idea. You’re not alone either. While it is commonplace in society to have a tattoo, knowing the ingredients in the ink that is being injected below your skin, is not.   Why is this important for laser tattoo removal you may ask? Tattoo Removal requires a […]


16 Oct

Can you completely remove a tattoo?

One of the most common questions asked of us during our detailed consultation process is “Can my tattoo be completely removed?’   The short answer is, Yes – but not always   Tattoo Removal Is a process that takes time, dedication, and a clinic with a very good reputation and process to ensure that your […]


13 Jun

The End Of PicoSure Tattoo Removal- RIP 2018

As the market leaders in tattoo removal, Think Again Laser Clinic were amongst the first in the world to question the ability of the Cynosure PicoSure laser device. Way back in 2015, when others were spruiking to everybody who would listen, that the PicoSure was GUARANTEED to remove tattoos in 5 sessions under the “Pico […]


24 May

Tattoos Removed In 5/6/7/8 Treatments Guaranteed

This marketing strategy is likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth and we will tell you why. Do you have friends or family with a tattoo? Some may be older and lost their vibrancy, some may be brand new and bold as can be. You may know someone with a lower back, foot […]


17 Apr

Top 10 Laser Tattoo Removal Tips 2018

1 – Set your expectations Choose a clinic whose reputation matches your expectations! Before starting laser tattoo removal, check the clinics reviews and before and after photos to assess what results you can expect. Tattoo removal is a complicated procedure that relies on the best technology and the most experienced operator in order to remove […]


4 Apr

Getting Ready For Your Tattoo Removal Treatment

How do I prepare and what can I expect from the tattoo removal process? What do I have to do Leading up to your tattoo removal session you want to ensure that you stay out of the sun and avoid excessive tanning or sunburn on your tattoo. Going into any laser treatment with freshly tanned […]


12 Mar

What YOU need to know POST Tattoo Removal

Ok, so you have started laser tattoo removal at a reputable clinic (we hope), and you have had your first treatment using a medical grade laser. What now? You may not be aware, but tattoo removal is a two-step process. Assuming your clinician has conducted the perfect treatment, the second part of the process relies […]